Friday, June 8, 2012

Kawaii Hair and Hairstyles!

As I have said earlier, to be kawaii you need to be BRIGHT!

As well as putting on that beautiful smile of yours, you should present yourself appropriately.

Predictably, I suggest using bright colours. BUT use them effectively to match your personality or the colours you wear most. I am not sure about other countries but here we don't commonly find bold hair colours as much as I would want. I find it easier to find colours online. Manic Panic is most commonly found and can be bought on the online stores I listed last week. They are permanent dies so be cautious. But don't be afraid to go bright and bold! Otherwise, use streaks of colour instead.

Really, you won't know until you try many different hairstyles before you find the right one. But try to keep it simple and cute. Subtle side fringes and soft waves are popular and work well with many people. 
Long hair is exceptional! Many more opportunities to use more creative designs.

Here are a few suggestions ->
When time is available, experiment and trial some of the hairstyles to see what suits you.

The most important part. Kinda. It gives the same impression as streaks: to add a little spark and glam. In this picture shows some of the many possibilities you can have. Personally, I think she uses too many, but the clips are super cute! You can also use oversized bows, thick scrunches and fake hair extensions. 

Thank you for checking this out!
Lil Mia!

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