Monday, June 4, 2012

Kawaii Clothes: Stores and Suggestions

So if you are like me, you LOVE kawaii things and you want to show it to the world. That's why you must dress accordingly. In this post I will give you shops and suggestions to make make your outfits as cute and kawaii as possible!
Types of Kawaii Clothing
Lolita Clothing is quite popular if you want to go for a 'softer' look, not to stand out much but still be cute! Lolita clothing can be divided into even more categories including steampunk, Gothic, sweet and more! Sweet is probably the most kawaii of Lolita style but really, there are no restrictions on cute! ->

<- Harajuku Style is the most bold of the styles. Most people say that it is a clash of random colours to make people look childish, but I describe with one word: FUN. How can you not be amazed by how colourful and cute these outfits are! Easy to do, hardly need much creativity.

YOUR Style is your own outfits and style. It isn't hard to be kawaii, anyone can do it! Be committed and be happy! Make up your own style of colourful creations.

Kawaii Stores
It is hard to find good stores that sell cute clothes like these. Most you will find online.

This is a personal favourite and I strongly suggest to look here. They have heaps of brands that sell a range of things. As well as cute clothing, they have hair dye, shoes, accessories and bedding sheets! Even I haven't explored every brand and category yet.

Recently found site. The clothing is simple and less kawaii than Beserk BUT the accessories are super cute and cheap! 

Not a huge range of anything really. But I really admired the clothes they had!

If you don't like shopping online, combination of bright clothes, accessories and makeup can make you look just as good. If you would like me to find more stores please comment or email me at 

Thank you!
Lil Mia!

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